Cases on designs under the EU Directive and Regulation are to be found in a number of places, in addition to the summaries on this wiki.
  • OHIM's Invalidation Division cases can be found here. MARQUES produced a summary of the first 300. Several are listed here on this wiki. Henning Hartwig publishes an excellent annual set of case law in his book Design Protection in Europe and there is an online support page with text of many cases.
  • Their Appeal Board search engine is here. Our page of decision summaries is here.
  • OHIM has a page linking to the ECJ and CFI decisions here.
  • They also have a good - but incomplete - collection of national court decisions on Community Designs here. It only covers Registered Community Designs and many decisions are not in English.
  • Bird & Bird published a collection of case summaries in English in November 2006 here.
  • Lovells' Design Quarterlynewsletter carries English language summaries of OHIM and national cases.
  • WORLDLII has full text of many UK and Irish decisions, and those of other Commonwealth countries.