An unofficial consolidation of the

Registered Designs Act 1949

as amended by:

the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (1st August 1989),
the Registered Designs Regulations 2001 (9th December 2001)
the Registered Designs Regulations 2003 (1st April 2003) (Sections 1A, 11ZB, 20 & 44)
the Community Design Regulations 2005 (1st October 2005) (Section 35)
the Intellectual Property (Enforcement, etc.) Regulations 2006 (29 April 2006) (Sections 15A, 15B, 15C, 24A-G, 45 & 46)
the Regulatory Reform (Registered Designs) Order 2006 (1 October 2006) (s1A, s3, s3A, s3B, s8A, s11ZA, s11ZB, s11ZD, s14, s20 & s22)

Note: ... ... in text indicates repeal of a section or paragraph.

Guide to new procedures, forms and fees from 1 October 2006.
A consolidated version is also available from the UK-IPO.


Registrable designs and proceedings for registration

1. Registration of designs.
1A. Substantive grounds for refusal of registration.
1B. Requirement of novelty and individual character.
1C. Designs dictated by their technical function.
1D. Designs contrary to public policy or morality.
2. Proprietorship of designs.
3. Applications for registration.
3A. Determination of applications for registration.
3B. Modification of applications for registration.
3C. Date of registration of designs.
3D. Appeals in relation to applications for registration.
4. ... ...
5. Provisions for secrecy of certain designs.
6. ... ...

Effect of registration, etc.

7. Right given by registration.
7A. Infringements of rights in registered designs.
8. Duration of right in registered design.
8A. Restoration of lapsed right in design.
8B. Effect of order for restoration of right.
9. Exemption of innocent infringer from liability for damages.
10. ... ...
11. Cancellation of registration.
11ZA. Grounds for invalidity of registration.
11ZB. Applications for declaration of invalidity.
11ZC. Determination of applications for declaration of invalidity.
11ZD. Modification of registration.
11ZE. Effect of cancellation or invalidation of registration.
11ZF. Appeals in relation to cancellation or invalidation.
11A. Powers exercisable for protection of the public interest.
11B. ... ...
12. Use for services of the Crown.

International arrangements

13. Orders in Council as to convention countries.
14. Registration of design where application for protection in convention country has been made.
15. Extension of time for applications under section 14 in certain cases.

Property in and dealing with registered designs and applications

15A The nature of registered designs
15B Assignment, &c of registered designs and applications for registered designs
15C Exclusive licences
16. ... ...

Register of designs, etc.

17. Register of designs.
18. Certificate of registration.
19. Registration of assignments, etc.
20. Rectification of register.
21. Power to correct clerical errors.
22. Inspection of registered designs.
23. Information as to existence of right in registered design.
24. ... ...
24A Action for infringement
24B Exemption of innocent infringer from liability
24C Order for delivery up
24D Order as to disposal of infringing articles, &c
24E Jurisdiction of county court and sheriff court
24F Rights and remedies of exclusive licensee
24G Meaning of "infringing article"

Legal proceedings and appeals

25. Certificate of contested validity of registration.
26. Remedy for groundless threats of infringement proceedings.
27. The court.
27A. Appeals from decisions of registrar [Not yet in force]
28. The Appeal Tribunal.

Powers and duties of registrar

29. Exercise of discretionary powers of registrar.
30. Costs and security for costs.
31. Evidence before registrar.
32. ... ...


33. Offences under section 5.
34. Falsification of register, etc.
35. Fine for falsely representing a design as registered.
35A. Offence by body corporate: liability of officers.

Rules, etc.

36. General power of Secretary of State to make rules, etc.
37. Provisions as to rules and Orders.
38. ... ...


39. Hours of business and excluded days.
40. Fees.
41. Service of notices, etc., by post.
42. Annual report of registrar.
43. Savings.
44. Interpretation.
45. Application to Scotland.
46. Application to Northern Ireland.
47. Application to Isle of Man.
47A. Territorial waters and the continental shelf.
48. Repeals, savings and transitional provisions.
49. Short title and commencement.


Schedule A1: Grounds for refusal of registration in relation to emblems etc
Schedule 1: Provisions as to the use of registered designs for the services of the Crown and as to the rights of third parties in respect of such use